Please refer to our blog posts under SCENT INDEX for more information and breakdown on different unique scents offered from our store.

Unique scents found on New Car Scents website:

Angel Snow Lush floral fruity blend with amber & vanilla POPPY
Aqua Blue Scent of citrus fruits and flowers POPPY
Blue Soda pop and refreshing soda scent POPPY
Brilliant Soiree Brilliant floral fruity scent POPPY
Candy Drop Sweet blend of apples and roses POPPY
Citrus Clear Distinct and fresh citrus scent with a hint of soda pop  POPPY
Classic Fleur Floral fragrances of elegant bouquet POPPY
Dark Musk Charming & relaxing musk scent POPPY
Green Apple Refreshing green apple scent POPPY
Honey Apple Rich & sweet but gentle note of honey apples POPPY
Lemon Squash Fresh lemon and woody citrus scent POPPY
Light Squash Refreshing scent of citrus soda POPPY
Luxury Scents Chic & formal perfume-like scent POPPY
Marine Squash Squash with a marine twist and a hint of fresh lemon POPPY/TREEFROG
Neo Squash Deep & sweet scent of squash POPPY
Night Fantasy Mysterious woody musk and a clean powdery scent POPPY
Peach & Kiss Fresh peach scent with a floral bouquet fragrance POPPY
Platinum Shower Clear scent of floral musk POPPY
Pop Cider Poppin' fresh fruity soda scent POPPY
Pure Apple Delicious pure apple scent POPPY
Pure Shampoo Mixture of floral, apple and musk fragrances POPPY
Resort Sour Refreshing scent of herbal flowers and fruits POPPY
Sensual Beaute Matured floral fragrance POPPY
Sexy Shower Woody & powdery clean scent POPPY
Sexy Soap Blend of tropical fruits and floral fragrances POPPY
Shampoo Blends of juicy fruity fragrances POPPY
Sparkling Dry Dry flavoured fresh citrus scent POPPY
White Musk Mix of floral & fruity musk fragrances POPPY
White Peach Scent of fresh peaches POPPY/TREEFROG
New Car Scent Scent of clean with hint of cucumbers TREEFROG
Black Squash Deep & rich scent of citrus soda TREEFROG
Squash Japanese citrus soda pop "Ramune"



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