Light Shower

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Light Shower is one the most iconic car air fresheners by Poppy featuring 10 different scents! They come in a small and dense high quality package that contains 100g of fragrance - that's a lot of content! This is easily one of our favourite line of air fresheners!

Shampoo (Light fruity fragrances)

Light squash (Refreshing citrus soda)

White Musk (Tropical fruity and musk)

Aqua Blue (Citrusy and floral)

Sexy Soap (Tropical fruity and floral)

Angel Snow (Floral fruity with amber and vanilla)

Resort Sour (Herbal flower and fruity)

Lemon Squash (Woody citrus & squash)

Marine Squash (Deep squash with fresh lemon)

Sexy Shower (Woody and powdery perfume fragrance) 

  • Brand: Poppy
  • Type: Gel
  • Product Size (Package): H × W × D mm
  • Contents: 100 g
  • Made in Japan


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