Air Fresheners 101

Whether you’re looking for something to mimic the new car smell or a different fragrance altogether, there are a few considerations before making a purchase. In general, car fragrances can last anywhere between a couple of weeks to 2 months. How often do you want to switch up the scent, or how often are you willing to replace it? The other major consideration is aesthetics - do you prefer something sleek, elegant, or fun and cute? Briefly, here are the types of products in the market:

  • Cardboard/Hanging: Among the most familiar type of air fresheners, cardboard car fresheners can feature various designs in different colors and shapes. They are suspended from the rear-view mirror, with a string/elastic, as the fragrance may stain or damage surfaces of the automobile’s interior. Due to the exposure of cardboard car fresheners to air, these typically have the shortest scent-longevity. Find our selection of hanging air fresheners here.
  • Gel/Under Seat: Gel car fresheners are sold in an encased container, with vents that allow the scent to dissipate. The fragrance is contained within the gel-like material, and shrinks as it dries out. These sometimes come with an adhesive pad that you can use to place at a location within your car of your choosing (or in the beverage holder if you prefer not to use it). A sub-type of gel car fresheners are under seat types, which as the name suggests, are discretely placed under the car seat to provide a scent if you prefer not to have it in plain sight. Find our selection of gel & under seat air fresheners here
  • Clip-on: As the name suggests, clip-on car fresheners attach to the vent of your car. The scent is strongest when the heat, air conditioner, or fan is turned on, but otherwise subtle as the scent does not dissipate much on it's own. These air fresheners typically store a fragrant material inside the casing, in the form of tiny pellets or a big tablet and are refillable. Find our selection of clip-on air fresheners here.
  • Liquid: Fragrance is contained within a small glass bottle. Leakage is prevented with a specially designed topper in case the bottle is tipped over. This type of air freshener dissipates quicker with hotter temperatures. Coming soon to
  • Spray: Sprays allow you to control the application of the fragrance. The scent is strongest upon initial application, and lingers temporarily until the next spritz. Coming soon to



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